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The Proposal Centre welcomes the opportunity to share its expertise with businesses and individuals interested in writing successful proposals. We have developed a number of Seminars and Workshops which can help your team, association membership, or organization increase its capacity in winning government, public sector, and not for profit business.

Is it an Art or a Science? The Secrets of Successful Proposals Revealed (1.5 hours)
This one hour seminar provides an overview of key concepts, tips, and hints related to writing successful proposals.

See Is it an Art or a Science for more information.

Beyond the Secrets: The crash course in how to create successful public sector proposals
(3.5 hours)

This 3.5 hour workshop is a follow-up to the Is it an Art or a Science seminar and provides in-depth information on the “science” behind writing successful proposals. The most recent session was held as a Project Management Institute (PMI) Ottawa Valley Outaouais Chapter (OVOC) Saturday morning seminar.This seminar is held based on demand. Please contact us for more information and to add your name to the list.
See Beyond the Secrets for more information.

Successful Proposals: Not just the start of Successful Projects (1 hour)
This 1 hour seminar prepares project managers and proposal managers to lead successful proposal development efforts. It examines the proposal effort as a project, and walks through the full project lifecycle with a particular emphasis on the key stages of initiation and planning. It was last at a Project Management Institute (PMI) Ottawa Valley Outaouais Chapter (OVOC) event. See Successful Proposals, Successful Projects for more information.

Other Presentations and Panel Discussions
Keith Parker, Managing Director of The Proposal Centre, frequently speaks on subjects related to proposal management as well as topics related to selling to government and other public sector agencies. He has participated in panel discussions, round tables, and task forces.

His most recent presentation was a tailored version of Is it an Art or Science? The Secrets to Proposal Writing Revealed. Customized for the CMC community, this presentation was made at the CMC-Ontario Conference 2014: 'Raising the Bar - Consulting for Tomorrow' in Ottawa, Ontario.

For more information please see Other Events.


You are extremely knowledgeable and generous with that knowledge - charge more! I have been to a lot of seminars lately and have been amazed at the audacity of so-called experts charging top fees for generic fluff. Your slides and handouts were comprehensive and very useful - consider publishing them!

You do great work Keith and I will definitely recommend your services and your workshops.

- Workshop Attendee

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