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Successful Proposals: Not just the start of Successful Projects (1 hour)

In this presentation Keith Parker will provide attendees with the other view of proposals.  Proposals are projects on their own and are best managed as such.
 Mr. Parker will present an overview of the proposal lifecycle and will provide practical tips for every step of the way.  Special emphasis will be given to the project initiation and project planning process groups which are essential to the success of the proposal effort and to any work that follows.

Specific topics that will be addressed include:

  • Making the Bid-No Bid decision
  • Assembling the Proposal Team
  • Assembling the Bidding Team
  • Asking (or not asking) Questions
  • Preparing to Live with the Commitments made
  • Managing and Using Intellectual Capital

Come and find out how you can help your organization successfully manage proposals and increase your win rate.

This seminar has been held twice - February 26, 2008 and September 14, 2011, for the Project Management Institute (PMI) Ottawa Valley Outaouais Chapter (OVOC). Based on feedback from participants and interest in more in-depth information on the topic, a 4-hour seminar/workshop based on our “Beyond the Secrets” workshop was held as part of PMI OVOC’s Saturday Morning Seminar Program.

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You are extremely knowledgeable and generous with that knowledge - charge more! I have been to a lot of seminars lately and have been amazed at the audacity of so-called experts charging top fees for generic fluff. Your slides and handouts were comprehensive and very useful - consider publishing them!

You do great work Keith and I will definitely recommend your services and your workshops.

- Workshop Attendee

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