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Start Selling to the Public Sector

Create a diverse, reliable revenue stream

Selling to the public sector can diversify your revenue stream, and create consistent, long-term sales opportunities for your company. Our services will help you understand your company's potential for selling to the public sector and prepare you for your first bid.

The public sector includes organizations linked to federal, provincial or municipal governments: government departments and agencies, hospitals, schools, universities, commissions, councils and forums, and many others. Most public sector organizations are required to use formal processes for buying goods and services.

Services to help you prepare to sell to the public sector

Initial consultation
We help you discover your company’s opportunities for selling to the public sector and teach you the steps for competing successfully. Our specially designed process examines your product or service, target audience, size and scope of desired contracts, your level of readiness for responding to bids, and the steps your company can take to improve its odds of winning.

Proposal template and mock RFP response
Developing your first proposal can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Formal requests for proposals typically ask for a huge amount of detailed information to be provided within a short timeframe. We research typical proposal requirements for your industry to create a mock RFP and build a corresponding proposal template for detailing your company’s relevant experience, products, services, approach and methodology.

MERX monitoring: finding and selecting the right opportunities
MERX is the industry’s main source of government contracting opportunities. Success in this arena depends largely on carefully selecting the bids in which you invest your time and money. We continuously monitor MERX to research opportunities and help you select the best ones. We make a “bid” or “no-bid” recommendation based on your company’s likelihood of success.


I am blown away by your work. There is absolutely no way we could have done this successfully without you. Your descriptions are so well done and your understanding of the process, the requirements are so superior…I am so pleased and beyond relieved to have your support on this endeavour.

- CEO, Training Organization

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