The Proposal Centre

Company Overview

The Proposal Centre was founded in 2006 on the principle that the successful proposal management best practices of large corporations can be adopted by small and medium-sized businesses. Our approach is scalable, using a level of effort appropriate to the size of the opportunity, resulting in cost-effective, high quality professional proposals that win. We also help you focus on opportunities that are achievable. By taking on the right projects you can achieve your business goals.

Today, we help companies of all sizes succeed in bidding for contracts with public, not for profit and private sector organizations.

With a proven track record of wins, The Proposal Centre gives you all the benefits of an in-house proposal team, on demand.

Our Mission - We help our clients win!

At The Proposal Centre, our mission is crystal clear: Support honest and hardworking companies, owners and professionals navigate the intricate landscape of formal public, not-for-profit, and private sector procurement.

We are recognized experts in managing proposals from initial opportunity assessment to contract award. We persuasively convey our clients’ qualifications and experience, so they stand out with proposals that are Compliant, Coherent, and Compelling.

Bottom Line – We help our clients win! Our win rate is a whopping 90% for bids where we have played a crucial role. We're not just in the business of proposals; we're in the business of your success.

Benefits of Working with The Proposal Centre

By trusting The Proposal Centre to manage your public sector bids, you are drawing on over 15 years of dedicated expertise in responding to public sector opportunities. We can help:

Improve Your Odds
Our methods have helped our clients build a track record of success in winning government business and in being awarded standing offers. We understand what details are important to the various stakeholders who evaluate proposals, and we structure your response in a way that provides the right answers from each stakeholder’s perspective.

Save Time
We review in detail the requirements of the bid and help you to focus on what is required to build a compliant and winning response. Your time and energy are dedicated to providing the necessary content and reviewing the bid. We take care of the details: structuring the response, responding comprehensively to each requirement, verifying the bid against the requirements, placing win themes throughout the document, and pulling it all together for publishing.

Reduce Worry and Stress
While private sector opportunities are often based on dialogue, relationships, and generic proposals/sales materials, a public sector opportunity requires close attention to prescribed detail and constant monitoring of amendments and other changes. With The Proposal Centre, you can rest assured that all aspects of the bid are being monitored, including the level of completeness of the response and any amendments or changes to the solicitation documents.

Build For the Future
While each bid is unique and has its own challenges and nuances, we prepare proposals in a manner that is easily customizable and highly reusable.