Annual Services Packages

Outsourcing made easy with our Annual Services Plans.

Managing your company’s public sector proposals can be stressful and time consuming. Specific expertise, dedicated focus, and flexible resourcing are required if your company is to be successful. Qualified resources are hard to find.

The Proposal Centre is here to take care of all your company’s proposal development needs while helping to increase your win rate and allowing your staff to focus on their daily responsibilities. We are committed to your success and will provide the added benefit of being able to source the required skills and number of resources needed to handle any proposal. With our annual service packages, outsourcing is an affordable alternative to building an internal team.

The benefits for your company
This program has been developed for companies looking for long-term success in winning public sector opportunities without the headaches of building their own internal team. By joining one of our annual service plans, your company will:

    • Increase your win rate—When you trust us with your proposals your company will benefit from proven expertise and methods that have resulted in an 84% win rate for our clients.

    • Continue to focus on your core operations—Proposal writing can be a major distraction for management and staff. When you outsource the development process we work quietly behind the scenes and engage you only as needed to get the job done.
    • Improve the quality of your proposals—When we write your company’s proposals we continue to improve your bids with each subsequent submission.
    • Reduce the time and effort required to prepare bids—Because we work hard to streamline your processes and develop proposal templates and content libraries, your continued partnership with us results in quicker and more efficient proposal development efforts.
    • Guaranteed access—Your status as a client on our annual service plan gives you priority during busy periods and ensures we remain available to accommodate all reasonable and most urgent requirements. (Not available on all plans)
    • Industry exclusivity — We will not engage with any other clients in your specific field/industry, even for bids you choose not to pursue. Certain conditions apply. (Not available on all plans)
    • Ease demands on your cashflow—Opportunities do not come evenly spread out throughout the year. This creates periods of intense work offset by times of little to no activity. Our annual service plans provide stability for your cash flow throughout the year while still giving you access to a scalable level of service capable of responding to your peak periods of proposal demands.

When your company has a service plan with The Proposal Centre you always retain full control in deciding which bids to pursue and in approving proposals prior to submission. To find out more about how you can benefit from one of our annual service packages, please contact us.