Improve Your Proposals

Proposal Improvement Services — Save time and money, and win more often.

Designed for companies that have an ongoing need to submit proposals and that rely on their own internal resources to create their proposals, our proposal improvement services help companies reduce proposal development time while increasing their win rates. Services may be selected à la carte or packaged together for a more comprehensive improvement program.


Proposal performance consultation — How are we doing? Where can we improve?
In this global proposal assessment exercise, we examine your company’s current proposal writing activities to determine areas for improvement. We develop an understanding of your company’s goals, review past proposals and learn your processes. Then we identify how you can improve the quality of your proposals, reduce the time and effort it takes, and increase your company’s win rate.

Proposal boilerplate development
A repository for key proposal-ready corporate or personnel information can be tremendously helpful in pulling together proposal content swiftly. We identify required elements, harvest generic boilerplate pieces from your past proposals, create new or improved boilerplate elements, and organize your collection for ease-of-use.

Proposal template and instructions
Ready-to-use proposal templates can provide a distinctive and professional look while also facilitating the quick assembly of proposals based on the specific requirements of a Request for Proposal. We develop standard proposal templates that consist of a main document (cover, letter, table of contents, summary of the response to the evaluation criteria, and space for other sections), résumé template (if applicable), and project reference templates. Each template specifies the styles, headers and footers, and look and feel for your company bids. Step-by-step instructions accompany the templates to help you develop your proposals.

Proposal-development process
Proposal writing is about responding to a business opportunity and closing the sale. When your company adopts a standard proposal development process, authors, proposal managers and other participants in the process have an easier time collaborating on and developing proposals. Most responses follow a development and review cycle that involves the discovery of an opportunity, review and assessment, a Bid-No bid decision, proposal shell design, iterative writing and review cycles, approvals, publication and delivery. We work with you to develop a process tailored to your company’s environment and capabilities.

Training and education
You may wish to improve your company’s in-house capacity for responding to bids. Through our seminars and workshops, we improve your team’s capabilities in this area. We can even tailor a course just for your company to ensure the greatest benefit for your team.